We are two scientists that are passionate about learning and teaching science.
Our goal is to share this passion and knowledge with the world.

Scientia Vincere Tenebras

"Science Defeats Darkness"


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We enjoy interacting with university or high school students. We can talk at events that desires a more in-depth explanation about a specific topic in science. This can be a lecture, workshop, or one-on-one training.

Popular Science

We love making science more accessible to the public! We are open to public lectures, Q&A sessions, appearing at meetings and conventions. We can explain the exciting, interesting, educative parts of science.


Do you need a fun and educational science demonstration for an event? The experimental aspect of science is very important to us! We can design experiments tailored to the needs of you or your event.


Collaboration is the backbone of science and we love working with others to make the world a better place! If you have an idea for a partnership or want to work together just feel free to contact us about all the details.


We believe that scientists need to have a larger voice in media, explain science to the general public better, and break the common "mad scientist" or "male-dominant" stereotypes. We are open to speaking to the media.


We believe giving back to the community, so we both care and support many causes. If you have an idea on how we can help out your cause, feel free to reach out.



How did Tree of Evolution happen?


We met during our graduate studies at Texas Tech University. There, Çağrı obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Biology, and Ashlee obtained her PhD in Nutritional Sciences. We are both passionate about learning, teaching, and communicating science. We actively utilize our websites, social media presence, YouTube channels, books, and other unique products, such as board games to reach our target audience.

Ashlee is from Texas and is the first in her family to go to college. Çağrı is from Turkey and a published author. We have followers in Turkey, the United States, and the rest of the Turkish/English speaking world. Our audience is very diverse and can be categorized by those who are just learning about science, such as young children; students seeking information on a topic they are studying at school; and those who want to learn more about science beyond their formal education years.

Tree of Evolution (English)

Evrim Ağacı (Turkish)


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